Sneakers123: The Story of a Passion

You are looking for a pair of sneakers and felt eternities as well as felt hundreds of thousands of online shops clicked through - to find out that there is your must-have shoe, but nowhere in your size and certainly not the best price? It's the same thing that happened to me a few years ago. I was frustrated and angry at the same time and thought that somehow there should be a way to simplify this disappointing search. So the idea of a sneaker search engine came to me, which should ideally provide a comfortable overview of all available models in different shops. But until Sneakers123 was as mature as you know our sneaker search engine with the integrated sneaker price comparison today, there were still some hurdles to overcome.

We were abandoned sneaker fans searching

I was initially encouraged in my idea by friends and acquaintances who had the same problem. As sworn sneaker fans, we in 2014 were quite alone searchers in the confusing range of sneaker shops. Often the joy about a found model quickly turned out to be a soap bubble, because the desired color and/or size was no longer in stock. Rare and/or limited editions were virtually nowhere to be found and the direct sneaker price comparison was mostly successfully prevented by different delivery and shipping conditions. After long consideration and consideration I finally dared the decisive step and put our first sneaker search engine under the name online in early 2015 - quasi the direct forerunner of Sneakers123.

A stony ascent to the summit with 150 shops today

Now a sneaker search engine can only be as good as the number of shops in which it can search. Our biggest obstacle of the early days lay in this "no work without an apartment, no work without an apartment phenomenon". Because we initially had only a few shops whose products we could list, there was often no compelling reason for the others to "join us". Tough persuasion and staying power were needed to get Sneakers123 to where we are today: With over 150 shops worldwide.

Despite technical teething troubles - on the right track

Also technically the predecessor of Sneakers123 wasn't really perfect from my point of view today. The ease of use left much to be desired and the loading times were far too long. Nevertheless, we were very pleased that our offer of a sneaker search engine was accepted - and that we were able to find a first sneaker just a few days after the launch. Obviously, we were on the right track.

2018: 25,000 sneakers with a value of 2.5 million euros brokered

In 2016, we not only gave the site a new design, but also completely overhauled the technology. Our consistent acquisition, coupled with our influx, finally brought us the pretty balance of 14,000 sneakers listed from 70 shops worldwide by November 2016. In 2018, we were able to broker over 25,000 sneakers worth 2.5 million euros via our portal.

The Sneaker Search Engine for Collectors, Fans and Enthusiasts

Our sneaker search engine quickly became a real "help portal" for all sneaker enthusiasts. For the convinced collectors, who must have a Limited Editions model in their size in any case - even if the shoes are not worn for the time being, but wait well protected in a shelf for their special use. Or for the "every day to the end of my life sneaker wearers" who would never put sneakers on a shelf because it is a basic need of this shoe to be seen on the street. Through our sneaker price comparison, these fans can always stock up at the best price.

Sneakers123: The Three Steps to Your Favorite Sneakers

Nevertheless, because we wanted to become even better, we completely relaunched the site in May 2019: The design is more concise and "unique", the technology is optimized - and we are christened Sneaker123. Analogous to the only three simple steps necessary to use the full service of our sneaker search engine including sneaker price comparison: Search, find, buy. We think it couldn't be more comfortable. Enter your sneaker model into the search mask, find your shoe quickly and at the best price and finally buy your sneakers from a certified shop, which you can choose freely.

Recognition by the international Product Hunt community

Of course we were very happy that Sneakers123 was not only listed shortly after the relaunch on Product Hunt, but also took second place. The platform is considered to be the most important and influential community for making innovative products known and introducing them to the market. The respective rankings are determined via a voting system. We consider the nomination as recognition for our constant effort to give all sneaker enthusiasts a great help in their search for their favourite model.

Sneakers123 - Over 40,000 Sneakers from more than 100 shops worldwide. | Product Hunt Embed

Search and be inspired: The trend offer of Sneakers123

We have currently listed around 40,000 sneakers from 150 shops worldwide. Real rarities are among them, limited editions, but also your favourite sneakers from the current collection, which you couldn't find in your size so far. As real sneaker fans we know of course that there is also something like love at first sight with sneakers: No matter whether the shoe has three stripes, a panther or a swoosh - sometimes a quick glance is enough to know: That's mine. That's why we've added the Inspiration section "Up to date trends" to our sneaker search engine with the practical sneaker price comparison: Here you'll find selected models from various brands, which you can often get as bargains with a sale discount.

Sneakers123: Our Passion Are Sneakers

I'm convinced that sneakers are more than shoes. They are best friends and faithful companions, they are expressions of lifestyle and political statement. You're a pick-me-up and a cool-downer. They can be gentle or rebellious, can shine quietly and discreetly or scream loudly in brightly coloured colours. They like jeans and business clothes, summer, sun, mud and rain. Sneakers are lives. We want you to find exactly the sneakers you never want to miss again. Find your personal all-time favourite on Sneakers123.