The Adidas Nite Jogger is one of those retro models that Adidas has reissued in the meantime. This classic shoe was first released in 1979. Adidas had just begun to make a name for itself as a manufacturer of casual sneakers.

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adidas Nite Jogger available now from 29,99 €

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Adidas Nite Jogger: from retro classic to running shoe with boost sole

The name of this shoe is program, because the sneaker was developed in such a way that it offers the runner more security and a better view in the dark. This is ensured by various reflective elements, which was a novelty at the time. Nowadays there are many running shoes with reflectors, but the cult jogger of Adidas from the 70s is still one of the most beautiful. Of course, the Nite Jogger doesn't just look cool at night, but at any time of the day. Even in bright sunlight it is a real eye-catcher.

The Original Nite Jogger by Adidas from 1979

The shoe was very robust and hard-wearing. The upper material consisted of high-quality leather and suede, as was usual for sports shoes at the time. Originally, the coach appeared in orange, white, blue and black. One of the characteristic features was the nubby rubber sole, which provided a good grip when running. The shoe had a slim silhouette and was comparatively light for its time. The padded sole gave it a pleasant wearing comfort.

The new edition of the classic 2019

The new edition of the classic Nite Jogger was released in January 2019. Adidas invited sneakerheads, media people and influencers to an abandoned underground garage for the release in London - of course with the appropriate lighting, so that the shoe is shown to its full advantage. It appeared in a limited edition on the market and is still a great success. Shortly after the market launch, the new Colorways of the spring collection appeared in April 2019.

In contrast to the Retro model, the new edition is equipped with a Boost sole and can therefore be used as a fully functional, ultra-modern running shoe. So you can wear the shoe either as a casual shoe or as a running shoe, the reactive Boost sole gives you back the energy you spent.

Overall, the new edition of the sneaker is significantly lighter than the original model from the 70s. While in recent years large-volume, almost bulky sneakers have dominated fashion, this Adidas model is pleasantly slim. The reflecting elements shine in artificial light in the dark today just as impressively as they did 40 years ago.

Where can I buy the Adidas Nite Jogger online?

The problem with all limited editions is that they are quickly sold out. But in the case of the Nite Jogger, the print run is not quite as small. So you have a good chance to buy the sneaker in your shoe size shortly after the release date. Thanks to our sneaker search engine you will never miss a release again and can strike in time.

The popular Adidas model is available in some selected online shops and of course on the Adidas website. The selected shops include, for example, Asphalt Gold and 43 and a half. Just use the Sneaker123 search engine. With a few clicks you will not only find out in which shop you can order the Nite Jogger in your size and desired Colorway, but also where it is available at a special price.