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Sneaker Search Engine
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Search over 150 sneaker shops at once.

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Search your new sneakers in over 150 sneaker shops at once!



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Buy comfortably at selected & tested sneaker shops of your choice.

Sneakers123 - your sneaker search engine with 233 sneaker shops worldwide

As sneakerhead you are always on the hunt for the latest kicks. New shoe releases are important events in your diary. Sneakers aren't just shoes for you. They are coveted collectibles that embody the lifestyle you live. Some cult objects are real works of art for you.

Even if you are always up to date and know about all new trends and new releases, you will certainly miss one or the other specimen. Even the best price can't be found on the net with just a few clicks - until now! Because Sneakers123 is the sneaker search engine on the net, which helps you to find your new dream pair among more than 40,000 sneakers in 233 online shops. Ready for this?

233 sneaker shops are waiting for you

Of course you can visit each shop individually and browse the assortment there. But why shouldn't you make it a little easier for yourself? And maybe you don't know each of the individual and cool shops that we have included in our search engine. With just a few clicks you can find sneakers in your size in at least 100 shops from Germany, Europe and the USA.

These include the shops of the big brands from adidas to Nike as well as well-known stores such as Snipes, Foot Locker or Kickz. But we have also included sneaker stores with individual and fine selections such as Asphaltgold, Overkill, Afew or 43einhalb in our selection. Last but not least, the search engine is not limited to German shops. We also show you the latest shoe models from the hottest trend shops in Europe and the USA, for example END. from Great Britain, StockX from the USA or Caliroots from Sweden. In all these shops you can order sneakers online and have them delivered to your home.

Thanks to our search engine, you will find a very wide range of stores where you can buy shoes to your heart's content.

Be inspired by over 40,000 sneaker models

Are you all right? Once you start looking for new releases, you can't stop. Searching online for new shoes is your passion. The more than 40,000 models in our search engine will certainly not lead you to pursue your passion less often - on the contrary!

Even if you wouldn't call yourself a sneakerhead, but just looking for a pair of new sneakers, you'll love our site. Because here you will find lots of inspirations. Shoe models that you didn't even know existed - limited editions you've never seen in the store before - special models that weren't even on the market in Germany - or timeless classics like the Nike Air Max 1, the Air Jordan 1, the Adidas Gazelle or the Chuck Tailor All Star by Converse in all available variants and Colorways. Immerse yourself in the incredible variety and find the shoe that fits you perfectly.

Use the size filter

Our search engine shows you the largest selection of shoes and also offers you useful tools for your search. The size filter, for example, makes it much easier for you to buy shoes. Enter your shoe size in the filter mask and only those models will be displayed that are available in the respective online shops in your size. This not only saves you a lot of time, but also unnecessary disappointments. You've certainly noticed in frustration that your dream model was sold out in your shoe size.

Save money with our shoe price comparison

Are you not only a shoe lover, but also a bargain hunter? Then you will certainly like our price comparison. This useful tool shows you at a glance in which of the more than 100 online shops you can order your desired model at the best price. Our search engine considers thereby clearly more Shops than the usual, general price comparison portals. Because our search engine is specialized in sneakers! It not only compares the prices of the best-known online retailers, but also those of the many small, individual shops. In addition, the search is not limited to German shops, but also shows you the best prices for shoe models throughout Europe and the USA.

Tip: Also use our clever price alarm. You have a certain budget for your desired model? Our price alarm will automatically notify you by email when the shoe is available in a shop at this price.

Sneaker Sale

In the category Sneaker Sale we will draw your attention to interesting offers. Here you should browse if you want to make a particularly good snap. Shoes reduced by up to 70 % - such offers usually only exist for a short time. But to make sure you don't miss any of the short-term offers, our Sale section keeps you up to date quickly.

Whether limited edition, shoe legend or rare rarity - Sneakers123 offers you the whole world of sneakers. Over 40,000 shoe models from over 100 shops in Europe and the USA are already waiting to be discovered by you!