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The Nike Air Force - popular basketball shoe and style icon

The Nike Air Force 1 is one of the most important shoes of all time for many sneaker lovers. The model is already over 35 years old and has hardly been changed in recent decades. Even the monochrome colours of white and black, so characteristic of the Nike Air Force, are still available.

In the eighties this model represented a technological revolution, in the nineties it was already considered a retro. Today, the Nike Air Force 1 is just as popular. In the social networks countless outfits are posted with the sneaker. It is considered a true style icon and is one of the best-selling sports shoes in the world.

Why is the sneaker called Air Force?

The Nike Air Force 1 was named after the plane in which the President of the United States travels around the world. Originally developed as a basketball shoe, it was the first shoe model to use patented Nike Air technology in its 1982 release. The air cushion sole should help the wearer to fly high, similar to an airplane. The cushioning with an air cushion sole is nothing new anymore, many Nike models with this technology followed, such as the Nike Air Max.

The Nike Air Force 1 is considered Nike's most successful basketball shoe off the Jordan line. Every sports shoe fan will probably understand why this is the case. Because this sneaker convinces not only by a good damping and stability, but also by its expressive design.

The design of the Air Force 1

The Nike Air Force 1 is available in three versions, Low, Mid-Top and High-Top. Since its release in 1982, Nike has not changed the basic design of the sneaker. He has only appeared in different Colorways and from different materials. As on all Nike sneakers, the logo of Nike, the Swoosh, is also visible on this model. The logo is integrated into the design of the shoe. But to recognize this sneaker classic, the trained eye does not need a logo. Because its design is unmistakable. It's kind of direct. One could describe the optics as "simple", but he is anything but reserved, but has a dominant charisma. The expressions "straightforward" and "straightforward" certainly describe the design better. The sole is sewn at the upper edge. The visible seam is part of the design and must not be missing from any shoe. Equally characteristic is the visible rib structure on the outer edge of the sole.

Most Colorways are monochrome, only the sole of many models stands out in colour. But in the meantime there are also multicoloured variants available and even models with patterns.

Although Nike has changed the model little over the decades, new versions have been released. The Ultra Flyknit, for example, has an upper made of the elastic knitted material Flynknit, while the SF is particularly airy thanks to its coarse mesh. However, most models still have a leather upper.

special editions

Nike has always published limited special editions. These models were only released in limited quantities for certain occasions. While the normal models cost between 75 EUR and 130 EUR depending on the variant, the price for the special editions is many times higher.

Buy Nike Air Force for less

The classic basketball shoe from Nike is available in a large selection in many shoe shops and online shops. Online, the selection is particularly large, here you will not only find the current Colorways, but with luck also reduced models from last season at a lower price. On Nike's homepage you can also customize and order the Nike Air Force as an ID variant.

Nike Air Force Information

  • Brand: Nike
  • Info: Named after the aircraft in which the President of the United States is located.
  • Published in: 1982
  • Technology: Patented Nike Air Technology
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