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The Nike Air Max 1 moved out to change the sneaker world and became a cult shoe.

1987 was a great creative year. This year the Simsons had their first television appearance, Aretha Franklin was the first woman to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Michael Jackson released his legendary album "Bad". In the same year, the first Nike Air Max 1 was released, ushering in a new era for many shoe freaks. To this day, this shoe from Nike is legendary. It is considered a revolution among sports shoes and has left its mark on fashion like no other shoe.

The Nike Air Max 1 has become so popular that its birthday as Air Max Day is celebrated by fans all over the world. But let us take a look back at its history.

The invention of the Nike Air Max 1

The invention of Nike's Air Max 1 is a story that cannot be told without first introducing the renowned designer Tinker Hatfield.

In 1981, Nike commissioned Hatfield as corporate architect to design buildings on the brand's Oregon campus. It was only four years later, in 1985, that he began to design shoes. His architectural background had a decisive influence on the design of the sneaker. Industry experts even say that he gave the then battered Nike brand its rebellious spirit, which is still present today.

However, the air cushion technology of the sole was not his invention, Nike had already developed it in 1979. The embedding of Air Cushioning technology in the midsole of running shoes had a decisive influence on the athletes of the time and was intended to change athletic performance forever.

For the first Nike Air Max shoe, this technology was reworked, the air cushion sole was enlarged, providing even more cushioning and comfort. It was also made visible in the design of the first Airmax, and this style element is still retained in most designs today.

After its release in 1987, the Nike Air Max 1 first conquered the world of sport. But it wasn't long before pop culture discovered this shoe for itself. Today it is rightly regarded as an absolute cult sneaker, the Air Max is one of the most popular shoe models in the world.

Nike Air Max 1 Colorways and Editions

Until today the Air Max 1 has been released in countless Colorways, Variations and Limited Editions. New designs come onto the market several times a year. The proven shoe design has been continuously developed by Nike and new variants have been added to the market. For example, the Nike Air Max Ultra Moire is a modern version with a lighter sole.

Nike Air Max 1 buy cheap

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Nike Air Max 1 Key data

  • Brand: Nike
  • Release Year: 1987
  • Designer: Tinker Hatfield
  • Fit: True to size
  • Air Max Day: 19.01.2019
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