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The Adidas Ultra Boost helps you to achieve maximum performance

The Adidas Ultra Boost is celebrated by Adidas itself as the "greatest running shoe of all time". Not only athletes, but also fashion-conscious wearers appreciate it because it is comfortable and versatile to combine.

The sneaker was one of the first Adidas models to be tested with the ARAMIS system, which is used by leading engineering institutions such as NASA, Boeing and Audi to measure vibration, design and ergonomics. The technology, which was also used in the development of other Adidas models such as the PureBOOST X and AlphaBOUNCE, uses a system of cameras and sensors to analyse the movements of the runner with the sneaker.

Since its market launch in January 2015, the Adidas Ultra Boost has been continuously developed further. It has already appeared in over 28 colours and in various design variants.

The Adidas Ultra Boost Technology

Adidas presented the technology for the first time in spring 2013. She was considered promising and was already promoted by Adidas as the best running shoe technique of all times. The Adidas Energy Boost was the first model with this new technology. The Ultra Boost followed two years later. The shoe was actually supposed to initiate a revolution in running. The idea of the Boost sole has since been taken up by other sporting goods manufacturers. Many models with similar damping systems appeared in the following years. Today the Boost sole has become an integral part of shoe shelves and streets, and there is not only the Ultra Boost, but also other shoe models from Adidas with the characteristic sole.

The running feeling of the Ultra Boost

The running feel of the Adidas Ultra Boost differs fundamentally from conventional running shoes. Previous systems mainly relied on damping to cushion shocks. Various technologies were used for this purpose, such as an air cushion sole or a gel layer. The Boost material, however, is something completely new. The midsole is made of thermoplastic polyurethane developed by Adidas in cooperation with BASF. It consists of many small white polyurethane beads, optically it reminds of styrofoam.

The special feature is the so-called rebound effect, which ensures that the runner saves energy when running. Conventional damping systems absorb some of the energy, but the Boost sole returns the energy. By the way, this works in any weather and in all climate zones. This is a further advantage of the Adidas Boost material, because conventional damping systems are temperature-sensitive, the colder the environment, the stronger the damping becomes.

The Adidas Ultra Boost has already helped a number of athletes achieve top performances, such as the two marathon runners Haile Gebrselassie and Dennis Kimetto.

Boost technology is also advantageous for everyday use

The adidas Ultra Boost is not only worn by athletes, it is also very comfortable in everyday life. Those who are on their feet a lot during the day will benefit from the Boost sole. The responsive cushioning ensures that the feet tire less quickly. Last but not least the style factor plays a big role, Adidas shoe models with Boost sole are often bought because of their look.

The differences between Energy and Ultra Boost

The Ultra Boost is, so to speak, the further development of the Energy Boost. The sole of the Adidas Ultra Boost consists of 100% small turbo balls. The basic structure of both shoes is similar. Instead of the usual Techfit-Upper the upper of the Ultra Boost is made of Primeknit. Primeknit is Adidas' answer, so to speak, to Nike's Flynit material. Primeknit is a stretchy knit material that wraps the foot like an elastic sock and provides optimum support and mobility. Primeknit is also available as "Primeknit Clima" variant with air-permeable structure for the summer.

Adidas Ultra Boost Generations

The first Adidas Ultra Boost was followed by other generations, mainly distinguished by the upper material and the design, the Ultra Boost 2.0, the 3.0 and the 4.0.

Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged and Laceless

The classic model has a cage, a stabilization of three plastic strips on each side. In 2016 the uncaged variant appeared for the first time. Today, both caged- and uncaged versions of many models are available. The uncaged version is always more flexible and less stabilizing. Even softer and more flexible is the UltraBoost Laceless variant following the Uncaged. With this model the lacing was completely omitted. The Laceless wears almost like a sock with a boost sole.

With the Uncaged there was also another innovation, it was the first model with a coloured Boost sole. Previous models had only a white sole, in the meantime the dyed sole has become a fixed style element of different variants and Colorways.

How does the Adidas Ultra Boost turn out?

The model is basically normal, so you can orientate your purchase to your usual Adidas shoe size. Like all running shoes, you should also buy this shoe so that you still have at least 1 cm space in front of your toes. Models with Primeknit top shoes fit like a second skin, the lacing allows you to adjust the fit. If you choose the Lacless or the Uncaged, remember that these models must not be too big to fit properly.

Adidas Ultra Boost buy cheap

All models of the Ultra Boost series are in the upper price segment of Adidas. This is especially true for the limited special editions, which are always a little more expensive and are quickly sold out in the shops. The Uncaged version of the sneaker and Colorways from previous seasons are sometimes a bit cheaper. Online, the selection is particularly large and the chance to find this sneaker at a reduced price increases.

Adidas Ultra Boost Information

  • Fire: Adidas
  • Year of publication: 2015
  • Technology: Ultra Boost
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