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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star - the most successful sneaker of all time

The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star doesn't need any further description, because everybody knows this sneaker. It is regarded as the most famous sneaker in the world and it is also "the sports shoe" par excellence - no other model has been on the market as long as the classic canvas shoe with rubber sole and star.

Nowadays this sneaker is more up to date than ever before, there are always new variants on the market. It is available in all kinds of materials, from classic canvas to leather to crocheted mesh. The rubber toe cap and the robust rubber sole are a must for every model. The same goes for the All-Star patch, the Chuck's signature. The Converse brand has belonged to Nike since 2017. Not only is the future of the shoe secured, it also remains exciting. Because Nike has already started to develop new materials and styles for the All Stars.

The history of the Converse Chuck Taylor

This shoe has the longest history of all sneakers. Its roots date back to 1860, when the first canvas shoes with rubber soles were made in the USA. From 1892, the United States Rubber Company produced the forerunner of the sneaker under various brand names, including the Keds sports shoe from 1917.

The Converse Rubber Shoe Company was founded in 1908 by Marquis Converse in the USA. At first, sports shoes for various sports were produced, until the first basketball shoe called All Star was launched in 1917. Basketball was a young sport back then. Chuck Taylor was not only a Converse employee, but also a basketball player. In 1921 he started wearing and promoting the All Stars shoes. In 1923 the shoe received its identification mark, the round patch with the name All Star Chuck Taylor. The American basketball team finally made the Chucks their official shoe, and with the growing popularity of the sport, sneakers also became a trend. During the Second World War the shoes were even part of the equipment for basic military training; by the way, they are still listed in the military order lists of the US Army today.

In 1992, the shoe celebrated its 75th anniversary and had already sold about 500 million pairs by that time. This makes it the most frequently purchased sneaker of all time. It is therefore all the more surprising that Converse had to file for bankruptcy in 2001. The company was finally bought by Nike and today the famous sneakers are distributed by Nike.

This is what distinguishes all All Stars

The classic model is made of unlined canvas, but many models made of leather and other materials have also appeared. The rubber dome on the toes is an integral part of every model, as is the robust and non-slip rubber sole, which is also appreciated by its fans for its durability. The sneakers usually have shoelaces and two riveted air holes on the inside. This makes the shoe ideal for the warm season, it can be worn with socks or barefoot. In the meantime, however, lined winter variants are also available. Originally designed as a basketball shoe, the classic is a high top model. The Low Top variant is very similar to the original linen shoe from the end of the 19th century.

In addition to the classic colours white and black, there are countless Colorways. The selection ranges from monochrome and patterned models to limited special editions. The latest invention is the Cool Crochet variant with an airy crocheted structure for the summer.

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