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Converse Sneaker - from Basketball Shoe to Streetwear Icon

The Converse Sneaker "Chuck Taylor All Star" is regarded as the most famous sports shoe in the world. Everyone knows him and most of us have owned at least one pair of these shoes in the course of our lives. The Chucks are synonymous with Converse. Converse is even one of the oldest sports brands in the world. The brand was founded over 100 years ago.

The history of the Converse brand

In 1908, Marquise Mills Converse founded a small shoe manufactory in Malden, Massachusetts. He named her after his own last name, Converse. The predecessor of the Converse All Star already existed in the form of simple sports shoes made of linen fabric with rubber soles, which were produced for example for the US military as training shoes. Converse improved the functionality and the design and launched the first version of the Converse sneaker as a basketball shoe shortly after the foundation of the shoe manufactory. Basketball player Chuck Taylor not only wore the later named Chucks, but also took part in the further development of the shoe. Among other things, Taylor was responsible for the improved grip of the shoe and of course for the famous logo with the star. Success came with Chuck Taylor, and the famous Chuck Taylor All Stars were named after him. Looking back, it can be said that this shoe was the first Signature sneaker in the world.

The shoes were worn everywhere on the basketball courts in the USA. Originally the model was only available in white and black. It should take until the 60s until more colours were added.

Chucks in the 70s and 80s

In the 70's other manufacturers like Nike started to develop basketball shoes. The shoes were technically more sophisticated, new damping systems were developed. Converse also developed further, with the Converse Weapon, a modern, functional leather basketball shoe was launched in 1986, worn by Larry Bird and Magic Johnson among others. In addition to shoes, the company now also launched apparel with the Chuck Taylor logo on the market.

While the Converse All Stars lost their importance on the basketball courts and were replaced by more functional basketball boots, the shoe made a career on the street. With the hip-hop culture and skater movement and new fashion trends, Converse's All Stars have become one of the most popular street fashion sneakers - and they still are today.

Converse Sneaker today

With over 700 million units sold, the Converse Chuck Tailor All Star is the most successful sports shoe in the world. There is also no other shoe that has been on the market for so long. In addition to the classic versions made of canvas in black and white, there are now a large number of different models in seasonally changing Colorways. The shoe is available in low and high versions and also as a leather shoe and platform sneaker.

Over the years, Converse has also introduced other shoe models to the market, such as the retro Chuck 70 and the One Star.

Despite its great success, Converse had to file for bankruptcy in 2001. Finally, the company was bought by Nike. In recent years, Nike has started to further develop the All Star. However, the sneakers are still sold under the brand name Converse.

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