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Adidas NMD - the sneaker for all nomads

2015 was a good year for Adidas. The brand with the three stripes celebrated a huge success with the Ultra Boost. They wanted to build on this success by using the innovative sole technology for other new sneaker models as well. One of these models is the Adidas NMD. The abbreviation NMD stands for Nomade, which makes it clear for which lifestyle this shoe was developed. The nomad is always on the move, nothing can stop him. The Adidas NMD accompanies the modern metropolitan nomad every step of the way. It is a sneaker that was mainly developed to be used on the road. So it's more of a lifestyle shoe than a sports shoe.

The NMD combines two successful Adidas technologies: Primeknit and Boost.

The idea for this sneaker came by the way from Nic Galway, who belongs to the designer veterans of Adidas and developed together with Kanye West also the Yeezy Boost.

The Design: Adidas NMD and Rising Star

The Adidas NMD not only combines two successful technologies from Adidas, but also picks up design elements from an earlier Adidas classic. The Rising Star from the eighties (today available again as a new edition) is one of these role models. The NMD has the individually adjustable pads in the midsole, which can be used to adjust the shoe to the wearer's foot. The coloured plastic plugs can also be found on the Rising Star.

Boost sole and Primeknit uppers

The Boost sole is certainly the most eye-catching design element of the sneaker, it not only looks cool, but also gives it its very special running feeling. The sole developed for the Ultra Boost is not a passive damping system, but actively returns the absorbed energy to the runner. With this shoe you also get an extra boost of energy in everyday life.

The Primeknit upper material of the shoe provides good ventilation and stability. The elastic knitted material wraps around the foot like a stable sock and is breathable. The NMD sits like a second skin. The Primeknit surface is hard-wearing and durable.

Further variants of the Adidas NMD

The design with Primeknit surface is the classic, but there are also some interesting variations of this now very popular trend sneaker. For example, models with other face materials such as mesh or suede and a half-height model are also available. The NMD City Sock, a laceless version, stands for a sock-like running feeling.

NMD Special Editions

Overall, this shoe is a great success for Adidas, the hype is currently even at its peak. New variants and Colorways come onto the market several times a year. In addition to the standard models, there were of course also various special editions, which were released in strictly limited numbers.

One of the most popular special editions is the sneaker, which was created in cooperation with Pharrell Williams. The designs by Bape and Mastermind are also coveted collector's items today.

How does the Adidas NMD turn out?

The NMD is normal, so you can orient yourself to your usual Adidas size. Only the Laceless NMD City Sock has to sit on the foot like a sock, therefore it should be bought about half a shoe size smaller.

Buy Adidas NMD for less

The Adidas NMD is a popular lifestyle sneaker that comes with a regular retail price of 139-179 EUR in stores. The limited special editions are of course correspondingly more expensive. This puts it in the mid to upper price range of Adidas. With a little luck, you can also buy individual models at a reduced price, mostly when the new Colorways are on sale or seasonal sales promotions. The selection online is particularly large, here the chances are somewhat better to order the NMD at a lower price.

Adidas NMD Information

  • Brand: Adidas
  • Year of publication: 2015
  • Info: NMD stands for Nomade
  • Technology: Primeknit and Boost
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