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The Nike Internationalist - Retro Sneaker with cult status

The Nike Internationalist belongs to the Retro Sneakers that have already been released in a new edition. Originally it was a running shoe from the eighties, which has become popular as a lifestyle sneaker. It took Nike 30 years to get the internationalist out of the closet again. It almost fell into oblivion, but fortunately this simple model with the charm of the eighties is now available again in many Colorways and variants.

Typical for this shoe is the two-coloured Color Blocking Look. The upper material consists of a combination of suede and nylon. The sole is a hardly damped, stable construction, as it was common in the eighties.

The History of Nike Internationalist

The internationalist was one of Nike's most important running shoes in the early eighties. It was designed as a long distance running shoe and was first worn at the New York Marathon in 1982. For this event, Nike broadcast an advertising spot for the shoe. The runner Alberto Salazar fortunately won the New York Marathon with the internationalist. So the shoe became famous almost overnight.

But he became a real cult shoe through his appearance in the teen movie "The Breakfast Club" in 1985. Actor Anthony Michael Hall wore the sneaker in a dance scene. Through this scene he became one of the most sold sports shoes of his time.

Nike Internationalist Breakfast Club
Copyright, The Breakfast Club, Universal Pictures 1985

Since its introduction, the Nike Internationalist has become a true icon of retro running footwear. The models for the shoe were the two Nike models "Challenger" and "Bermuda", the internationalist was technically more modern compared to these two models. He had a slightly dampened midsole which, although hard according to today's state of the art, was at that time at the cutting edge of running shoe technology. The Nike Internationalist first appeared in blue with a cream sole and the Nike logo in yellow. Among sneaker collectors, this Colorway is still considered the original color of the internationalist today.

Nike Internationalist new edition

Over time, Nike has developed new cushioning systems for running shoes like the well-known Air System. Running shoes with air cushion soles gradually replaced the firmer running shoes. So the internationalist fell somewhat into oblivion. In the last 20 years there have been some new editions of legendary retro sneakers. At the same time, the Nike Internationalist was relaunched in 2014. Today's internationalist differs only slightly from the model from the 1980s. It has a lightweight EVA foam midsole that gives it a little more cushioning. The durable and non-slip waffle outsole, which already featured the original, has not been modified. All in all, the new internationalist is only slightly dampened, which makes the shoe even more popular again today. Because there are many sneaker lovers who appreciate the original running feeling of the Retro models.

Even if it is actually a running shoe, the internationalist is now mainly worn as a lifestyle sneaker in everyday life and not as a sports shoe. Its robustness and longevity are among the advantages of this sneaker, because the surface of suede and nylon is extremely stable.

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