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The Nike Air Jordan 1, a sneaker legend for over 30 years

The Nike Air Jordan 1 is undoubtedly one of those cult sneakers who have made history. The shoe has significantly advanced the development of sneaker fashion, it has made many people what is now called a sneaker head. Someone who loves sports shoes so much that he collects them and eagerly awaits every new release. The Nike Air Jordan 1 is considered by insiders to be the most important model of the entire sneaker culture.

The story of this shoe began in 1984 when Nike signed the then young Michael Jordan. So this shoe has been around for over 30 years now and its popularity is still high. It has appeared in numerous variants and Colorways, has been reissued and improved again and again.

How the history of the Nike Air Jordan 1 began

In 1984, Michael Jordan was in college last year. Actually, Adidas would have been the brand of his choice for cooperation, but Adidas had no interest in signing him up for college. But fortunately, Nike recognized his talent and offered him a contract. As it turned out, this decision was one of the most important in Nike's history.

That same year, the then unsuccessful Chicago Bulls voted him third in the NBA draft. It should clearly exceed the expectations of the team. Because already in 1985 he led the Chicago Bulls into the playoffs. Michael Jordan was voted Rookie of the Year this year and played in the All-Stars game.

1985 also went down in fashion history, when the Nike Air Jordan 1, also called AJ I, was released. This basketball shoe was the first in NBA history to be multicolored. He appeared in the colors of the Chicago Bulls, red, white and black. It was designed by Nike designer Peter Moore.

At the beginning Michael Jordan was not so enthusiastic about this sneaker himself. When he first saw the AJ I, he was supposed to have said, "I'm not wearing this shoe. I'm gonna look like a clown." However, he got used to the design and eventually the shoe and he became one unit.

A ban became an advertising campaign for Nike

But shortly after the release, the NBA commissioner David Stern forbade Michael Jordan to wear his new Nike basketball boots. They said they were too conspicuous. If he did, a fine of several thousand dollars was due each time.

This punishment became probably one of the best advertising campaigns for Nike. Because Nike decided to pay the fine every time. So Michael Jordan wore the Nike Air Jordan 1 at every game, and every time Nike paid the penalty. It goes without saying that the shoe made it into the media and attracted the attention of millions of basketball fans at every game.

How the history of the Nike Air Jordan 1 continued

The first variant of the Nike Air Jordan 1, designed by Peter Moore, was available from 1985-1986. The shoe appeared in different design variants in the colors of the Bulls.

After Michael Jordan announced his final retirement from the Chicago Bulls team in 1999, the retro era of the sneaker began. In 2001, the shoe was re-released as a mid-top model, while Nike also established the Jumpman brand, under which today an extensive collection of apparel, fashion and accessories with the silhouette of Michael Jordan is marketed.

Since 2008 the Nike Michael Jordan 1 is again available with the original High Cut. To this day, the Jordan 1 is the most popular sneaker of all time, it is permanently present in the current collections of Nike, always new variants come on the market. Also as retro model in the original Colorway of the Chicago Bulls from 1985 you can buy it again.

Air Jordan 1 Key data

  • Fire: Jordan
  • Published in: 1985
  • Designer: Peter C. Moore
  • Story: First multicolor basketball shoe in history
  • Fit: True to size
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