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Nike Jordan Sneaker: Icon with the Jumpman

The Jordan brand is the result of the legendary collaboration between Nike and Michael Jordan. It is even considered to be the most successful fashion collaboration of all time. Sneakers, accessories and apparel with the Jumpman now make a significant contribution to Nike's sales. It all started in 1985 with the Jordan 1, and now over 30 Jordan sneaker models have been released.

The history of the Jordan brand

The year 1984 was the last year of Michael Jordan's college. At that time, the basketball player was already trying to cooperate with a sporting goods manufacturer, and his first choice was Adidas. But Adidas refused, which in retrospect was certainly one of the worst decisions in the history of Adidas. Fortunately for Nike, because Nike recognized the talent of the exceptional athlete and offered him a contract. The contract with Michael Jordan was instrumental in making Nike the world's largest sporting goods manufacturer today.

The Chicago Bulls were rather unsuccessful at that time, voting Michael Jordan third in the NBA draft. Michael Jordan led the Chicago Bulls into the play-offs just one year later, in 1985. He was voted rookie of the year.

The media attention around Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls was accordingly large. It was at this time that the first Jordan basketball boot, the Nike Air Jordan 1, designed by designer Peter Moore, was released. He appeared in 1985 in the team colors of the Chicago Bulls, Red, White and Black. Even today the Jordan Sneaker is still available in the original Colorway.

The striking colours of this basketball boot meant that the NBA commissioner Michel Jordan initially forbade wearing these boots in the game. He called for a penalty of several thousand dollars for each game in which Jordan would wear the boots.

There could hardly have been a better advertising campaign for Nike, because Nike of course decided to pay the fine every time. As a result, Michael Jordan wore the sneakers in every game. The shoe itself became a big topic of conversation and attracted the attention of the fans. The rest is history, the Jordan 1 is now considered a sneaker icon.

Legendary Jordan Sneaker Models

The Jordan 1 is still available, it is available in numerous modifications and also as a retro version in the original Colorway. The models Air Jordan 1 to Air Jordan 33 followed, many of the models released over the years were later reissued as retro sneakers.

In addition, there were limited editions such as the "Space Jam Execution" of Jordan 11, which are highly coveted by collectors. With releases of new Jordan Sneaker models there were always long queues in front of the stores. The models Air 3, the 1 Mid, the Jordan 11 and the retro variants Air 1 Retro, 11 Retro, Air 8 Retro and Air 4 Retro have gone down in sneaker history. The basketball shoes have always been technically advanced. New damping systems and lighter surface materials contributed to a steady improvement in performance. The new models like the Air 32 are considered to be the most technically innovative basketball boots of our time.

The sports brand

Today, Nike Air Jordan is one of the most important sports brands that is no longer limited to basketball shoes. Clothing and accessories with the band's logo, the Jumpman, are also part of the product range.

Apropos logo: The jumpman, which shows Michael Jordan as a silhouette, who is getting into the dunk, adorns the brand's products since 1988 and was shown for the first time at Air Jordan 3. It replaced the previous logo with the wings, which we still find today on the Jordan 1 and other models.

In addition to the Jordan brand, sub-brands have also appeared in the meantime. Under the name "Eclipse" cheaper versions of individual models are sold. "Pinnacle" stands for the technically best and most expensive Jordan sneakers, which are characterised by an innovative design and the use of particularly high-quality materials.

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