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The Asics Gel Lyte III: the innovative classic sneaker from Onitsuka

The Asics Gel Lyte III is Asics' most successful running shoe to date and the highlight of the Gel-Lyte series from Onitsuka. The idea of using gel as a cushion for running shoes originated in Japan as early as the 1980s. When Nike was in the air, Asics developed a gel damping system that still convinces professional and recreational athletes today.

The shoe is not only distinguished by its interior, it also stands out optically from other sneakers. The split tongue is not just a design element, but also ensures a better fit. While the sneaker came onto the market in 1990, its year of publication, mainly in classic, simple colours, it was later followed by unusual and innovative designs. One of the first colabs was the cooperation with the Dutch sneaker store Patta, followed by further successful cooperations, for example with Atmos from Tokyo or Solebox. These special editions contributed, among other things, to the fact that this shoe is not only celebrated by athletes today, but also by fashion-conscious sneakerheads worldwide.

Damping technology based on gel from Asics

Asics was founded in 1949 by the Japanese entrepreneur Kihachiro Onitsuka. In the 80s a research laboratory was established in Kobe, where Asics developed new running technologies. The researchers tested various damping methods with the aim of optimising the energy yield in order to improve the performance of athletes. While most running shoe manufacturers used molded EVA soles and foams, Asics and Nike experimented with alternative cushioning systems. During this time Nike developed his Air sole, while in Japan the gel technique was invented. The gel itself comes from the Japanese company Taica, which sold it under the name Alpha GEL not only to Asics. Previously, the silicone-based gel had been used successfully in space technology, among other applications.

The gel sole is one of the most efficient damping technologies to date, transforming vertical impact forces into forward pushing lever forces when walking. It gives the runner back the energy he has used, similar to the boost technology developed much later by Adidas.

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This classic shoe from 1990 is currently enjoying great popularity again. The spectacular special editions that resulted from the collaboration with Atmos are certainly responsible for this. Atmos surprised the world with unique designs like the model "World Map", a limited edition sneaker with printed world map or the "Tiger Camo" in camouflage look.

The special editions are highly coveted and therefore often sold out shortly after the release. The models from the seasonal collections, on the other hand, you can find online with a little luck also cheap, especially if they have been on the market a little longer. Our sneaker search engine offers you both - with a few clicks you can find the limited special editions and also reduced models in sale. Simply enter your shoe size into the filter and get the best offers from over 100 shops for your desired model in your shoe size. What are you waitin' for? Discover the great variety of Colorways and designs for the Gel Lyte III at sneaker123.

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