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New Balance Sneaker made in USA and England

New Balance sneakers are now an integral part of most sports shops. The unique selling point of this brand is that it continues to offer sports shoes in different widths. Athletes with feet that are either too narrow or too wide for other brands will find technologically advanced running shoes and sneakers that fit them at New Balance. The history of the brand goes back to the beginning of the 20th century, everything began with the production of orthopaedic insoles and the observation of chickens.

The history of the New Balance brand

The New Balance brand was founded as New Balance Arch Support Company in 1906 by a British immigrant, William J. Riley, in Boston. It is said that Riley observed chickens in his backyard and found that the body weight of the chickens was particularly well balanced by the three-toe foot. Based on this observation, he is said to have developed the first soles that bring the wearer into a "new balance". This idea gave rise to the name "New Balance".

At the beginning, the company produced exclusively orthopaedic insoles and soles. The company's best salesman was Arthur Hall, who became Riley's business partner in 1934 and eventually took over the entire company. In 1956 he sold the company to his daughter and her husband, Eleanor and Paul Kidd.

The New Balance Trackster

Around 1960 they developed the running shoe, which is considered a milestone in the history of the New Balance brand. The "NB Trackster" was the first running shoe in the world that had a wave-shaped sole and was produced in different widths. The shoe was purchased by various college teams for their cross-country teams. It did not take long until this running shoe had made a name for itself by word of mouth. At that time, about 30 pairs of tracksters were produced per day, so the company was still comparatively small.

Jim Davis bought the company on the day of the Boston Marathon in 1972. With various marketing campaigns, he ensured that the company grew and became known throughout the USA. Together with his wife Anna he developed further shoe models and also started the international distribution. The "NB 320", which won first place at the Runner's World Magazine Award as the best running shoe at the time, provided the worldwide breakthrough.

New Balance in the 1980s

Already at the end of the 70's running became a popular sport in the USA. During this time, some sporting goods manufacturers celebrated great success with various running shoes. A popular New Balance model, the "NB 565", was created in 1983 and was one of the first running shoes designed specifically for off-road use rather than asphalt. Made from durable materials and comfortable to wear, it features a non-slip outsole that makes it ideal for uneven terrain and changing surfaces.

The NB 565 is still sold today in various Colorways, which are based on the original design from the 80s. The upper shoe is made of suede and mesh today as it was then.

A further development of the shoe is the "NB Everlight". It is not laced, but closed with a zipper in the middle of the upper side. The materials are also somewhat lighter, the upper shoe is made of textile fabric.

In the meantime, New Balance has become one of the largest sports brands with the fourth largest turnover in the sneaker sector. The company is still managed by Jim Davis. The company still adheres to the concept of different widths today. This also applies to the production of sports shoes in the USA. While the competitors' sneakers are nowadays mainly manufactured in the Far East, New Balance still operates five factories in the USA and one in England with a total of 4000 employees.

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