Nike P6000 - a retro shoe is back in the future

Nike has relaunched one or another model in the past. Changed was usually the technology, for example, in the sole, the optics remained the same or changed only minimally. This is also the case with the P6000. The new edition of the Pegasus is a mixture of the Pegasus 25 and the Pegasus 2006. The new Nike P 6000 convinces with a varied colorway and a high wearing comfort.

The design

Whoever knows the Pegasus 25 or the Pegasus 2006 will notice the similarities in the Nike P6000. Typical of the Pegasus are the horizontal stripes, which stand out visually or structurally, depending on the design variant.

In a shoe from Nike, the Swoosh, the dynamic logo, must not be missing. On the Pegasus, the Swoosh is found not only on the side, but also on the tongue. In addition, you can find the logo in a reduced form on the toe and heel. This makes it unmistakable which brand it is.

Raffiniert is the design by the use of different materials. Even in models, with a small color palette, the individual elements stand out visually because different fabrics were used for the P6000.

The upper material

The upper material is a combination of three different materials on the Nike P 6000. The base material is a high quality leather. It is processed especially in the critical areas, such as the toe. It has to withstand a lot of stress, and the leather provides extra protection.

A textile mesh fabric is used for the top. The advantage with this material is that it is breathable. The air can circulate well and the risk is lower already after a short time to sweat heavily. The mesh fabric has a perforation. This additionally favors a circulation of air. Even when worn for a long time, the feet stay nice and dry, because moisture is transported to the outside.

The shoe is complemented with other textile elements that provide a visual enhancement, as in the case of the side stripes.

Suspenseful with the Nike P6000 is how the different material was combined or processed. Compared to other models, the Pegasus consists of many small individual parts that have been sewn together to form a shoe. This provides for refined small highlights, such as a skillfully accentuated lace, alone through the darts on the shoe.

Through the various darts, the shoe is very robust and durable. This has advantages in the care of the shoe. Before wearing it for the first time, you need to impregnate it. As a result, dirt does not adhere so quickly to the shoe, making it largely without further care.

Inside, the upper material is additionally still lightly lined. Thus, the foot is optimally protected, yet the padding does not wear too much. The foot remains slim.

The color options

The Nike P 6000 is available for men and women. For example, there is a color variant with a white base tone for men and women. However, due to its neutral design in some models, the shoe cannot always be clearly assigned to one gender, which is why these color variations are gladly offered as unisex models. If the size fits, basically every color variation can be worn by men and women.

In addition to the plain white color variant, the Nike P6000 is available in numerous other color variants. Combined are not only plain colors, but also gaudy hues. What stands out are small variations in the Swoosh. He is uni-colored in some models, while he is outlined with a strong complementary hue in some color variants.

With so many color variations, you can wear the P6000 very well for different occasions. It can be combined in many ways when worn in everyday life. Here, especially simple variants in black or white can convince. Nevertheless, it is not impossible to wear more colorful versions in everyday life, even if they are more difficult to combine with clothes and accessories.

Raffinated are the model variations with silver or metallic applications. They ideally complement a party outfit and make the legs an eye-catcher, especially for women. Even with a dress, the Nike P 6000 can be worn.

The sole

The outsole is made of a durable rubber compound. This is especially important because the Nike P 6000 is not only a casual shoe, but can also be used for sports activities. The Outsole is particularly thick, which speaks for the durability of the shoe.

The midsole is characterized by good cushioning. The foam sole gives a feeling as if you were walking on clouds. Once broken in, the sole adapts perfectly to the foot and provides a secure hold exactly where support is needed.

The ergonomic sole makes the shoe suitable for difficult foot positions. The foam sole provides relief for feet and legs.

However, the shoe is designed for a lower weight. At a high weight, the sole is compressed too much and the shoe loses much of its cushioning properties.

Combine P6000

The Nike P6000 is an ideal casual shoe. It combines well with jeans or sporty outfits. In bright colors, the P6000 goes well with plain leggings or sweatpants.

Limited, the Nike P 6000 can be used for sports. It is not a running shoe for long distances, but due to the comfortable sole and the cushioned upper, it can be used for light workouts.

For those looking for a comfortable shoe for work, this model will not disappoint. In simple colors, it goes well with a work outfit and can take the strain off your musculoskeletal system with its foam sole. The sole is flexible and copes well with different surfaces. The outsole is characterized by good stability. It is made to wear it for hours without the leg muscles getting tired too quickly or the feet start sweating fast. It has a light weight and offers good protection in the sensitive areas of the toe and heel, making it a good companion for everyday wear.

With the P6000, Nike has succeeded in giving a classic shoe a modern touch. The combination of retro design complemented with some new elements makes it a good companion for vintage outfits. Due to the versatile possibilities to combine the Nike P6000, it is not without reason one of the most frequently sold models.