Sneaker trends have been occupying the fashion world since the fifties. The white chucks by Converse were the first big trend sneakers, followed by others year after year. The intervals between new releases have become shorter over time, and now there are releases all year round. In this category you can find the latest trend sneakers. Find out at a glance which sneakers are currently in trend. Be inspired by the latest models, colorways and silhouettes and discover in over 150 stores worldwide also models that you have not seen in your city yet.

Current tendencies and trends - an overview

Trends come and go, but in retrospect, many fashion trends last a bit longer. Whether it's Dad Sneakers, High Fashion Collabs or the new editions of well-known classics - the following sneaker trends are no flash in the pan. They dominate the fashion world and of course social media.

Unmissable trend of the last years: Millennial Running Sneakers

Millennial running sneakers are a trend that began in 2017 and continues to this day. In the last three years, a number of shoes have been launched on the market whose silhouettes are based on the running shoes of the 2000s. At the fashion shows, at Instagram and of course on the street we see them everywhere at the moment. Well known examples are the P-6000 and the Zoom Vomero 5 SP from Nike. But there are also millennial running sneakers from Asics, such as the GEL-1090 or the GEL-Kayano 5 OG. The new editions of running sneakers from New Balance are also particularly popular, especially the 530 and ML860 V2 models. This year and next year, some 2000 sneakers are expected to celebrate their release again.

Sneaker High-Fashion Collabs

Cooperations with high-fashion brands, artists and internationally known designers are not new, but if you look at the last ten years, they are definitely the biggest and most influential trend. Most of the time they are released as limited editions. Recently, for example, the colllabs between Adidas and Prada and between Nike Air Jordan and Dior have caused a stir. The collaborations between Nike and the label Off-White designed by Virgil Abloh have also been legendary. The collaboration between Kayne West and Adidas continues to be successful, with several Adidas Yeezy releases expected this year.

The fashion world is becoming more sustainable, this also applies to sneakers

In the entire fashion industry there is a trend towards rethinking, sustainability is becoming more relevant for many companies. The sneaker scene is no exception. In recent years, some companies have invested in innovative technologies and the use of environmentally friendly materials. The leather, for example, is biologically tanned and recycled materials are sometimes used for the soles. Vegan sneakers are no longer a rarity these days. The trend towards more sustainability is usually only partially implemented by the big players, but there are also smaller labels for which sustainability is a top priority, such as the French brand Veja. They not only use environmentally friendly materials, but also rely on fair production.

Colorways are based on the trend colors of fashion

Colorways, often abbreviated CW, are the ever-changing color variations of different sneaker models. In the last ten years we have observed a clear trend, the Colorways are based on the trend colors of fashion. You may have noticed that at certain times you can find current sneakers of different brands in the same colours. For each season, the Pantone company develops an extensive colour palette that influences the trend colours of the coming fashion season. In the case of iconic sneakers, of course, it is still the designers and artists who decide on the colour scheme individually, regardless of the rapidly changing fashion trends. But especially the commercial models, which are produced in large quantities, usually appear in the current Pantone colours of the respective season. Fashion lovers thus have the opportunity to match their shoes in colour to their current trend looks.

Dad Sneaker - the 90s are back

Dad sneakers, also called Uggly Sneakers, are not a short-lived sneaker trend. They have been absolutely hip for several years now. Their special feature is the chunky, several centimetre thick sole and the usually somewhat disproportionately shaped upper shoe. Dad sneakers originally come from the 1990s, they go back to comfortable, sporty shoes, which were worn by "fathers" in the USA. The Adidas Ozweego came onto the market in 1996, and the sneaker, which was designed as a running shoe, was initially worn at competitions, but increasingly became a fashionable everyday shoe. The first revival of the Dad Sneaker was in 2013, when Adidas launched a new version of the Ozweego. At Paris Fashion Week, fashion designer Raf Simons presented the sneaker in three different colorways. The Ugly Sneaker became one of the biggest sneaker trends of the last ten years around 2017 with the Triple S by Balenciaga. The three-piece sole of this rather clunky looking sneaker measures 6.5 cm in height. The limited special edition and the proud price of 700 to 900 $ made the Triple S a status symbol. Since then, the hype about the Dad Sneakers has broken out and probably won't be stopped that fast. Especially on Instagram, the chunky shoes are omnipresent at the moment.

Classics reissued: these models dominate the current trends

Some classics have been reissued in recent years and are now enjoying growing popularity. Four models in particular top the list of the most popular sneakers of recent years.

The Air Max 90

The Air Max 90 celebrates its 30th birthday in 2020. Accordingly, Nike is launching several new editions of the classic this year. Nike has revised the shape of the shoe and developed new color concepts. The Air Max 90 Viotech 2.0 and the Air Max 90 NRG have already been very successful, with more versions to follow in the near future.

The Nike Dunk

The Nike Dunk is a real classic that disappeared from the scene for a while. Now it is back again. There have been several re-releases lately like the Nike x Piet Parra Dunk SB or the re-release of the Dunk Viotech. The Nike Dunk, released in early 2020 from the Nike x Off-White collaboration of designer icon Virigl Abloh, became a real trend sneaker.

The adidas Superstar

The adidas Superstar has always dominated the trends of recent years. There have been many new releases, but 2020 is a special year for the Superstar. Introduced in the 1970s as a basketball shoe, the Superstar celebrates a special anniversary in 2020, this iconic shoe has been around for 50 years. Adidas promises some exciting releases for this special anniversary.

The Nike Air Jordan 1

The hype surrounding the Nike Air Jordan 1 reached its peak in 2019, when it was released in various reinterpretations and numerous Colorways. The Air Jordan 1 x Travis Scott was one of the most hyped trend shoes at the end of the year. For 2020, Nike has also planned several releases, including a collaboration with Dior.

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